Harmonic Trading: v. 2: Advanced Strategies for Profiting

Harmonic Trading: v. 2: Advanced Strategies for Profiting

Book Preface

After years of research, Harmonic Trading has evolved into a distinct and comprehensive methodology that effectively analyzes the financial markets. The basic tenets of pattern recognition as quantified by harmonic ratios define a system that provides immensely pertinent technical information and identifies trading opportunities unlike any other methodology. It is important to consider the substantial advancement of Harmonic Trading since its inception. The release of my first book, The Harmonic Trader, marked the beginning of the entire methodology. The new measurement techniques presented in this book quantified price action in a unique manner. These new ideas created the framework of an unprecedented Fibonacci measurement and price pattern recognition system that consistently defined profitable trading opportunities. Although it was not my intention to formulate such a system, these strategies were the result of extensive research to discover the most effective relationships that were encompassed by these measurement tools. Through it all, I precisely refined many general concepts and publicly divulged many “secret” strategies that comprised the fundamentals of the Harmonic Trading approach.

The unprecedented combinations of specific ratios that differentiated similar price structures as exact patterns defined an effective trading methodology, yielding relevant technical information in an unprecedented fashion. Although others years before me have utilized Fibonacci ratios within the realm of Technical Analysis, the concept of exact ratio alignments presented a new means to define M-type and W-type price structures. These precise patterns offered greater accuracy in the often vague discipline of pattern recognition for many traders.

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