Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
  • Author: Peter Shirley
    Publisher: A K Peters
    Genres: Graphic Design
    Publish Date: July 19, 2005
    ISBN-10: 1568812698
    Pages: 652
    File Type: djvu
    Language: English

Book Preface

The second edition of this widely adopted text includes a wealth of new material, with new chapters on Signal Processing (Marschner), Using Graphics Hardware (Willemsen), Building Interactive Graphics Applications (Sung)
, Perception (Thompson), Curves (Gleicher), Computer Animation (Ashikhmin), and Tone Reproduction (Reinhard). Maintaining the strengths of the first edition, the authors present the mathematical foundations of computer graphics with a focus on geometric intuition, allowing the programmer to understand and apply those foundations to the development of efficient code.

  • File Type: djvu
  • Upload Date: September 21, 2015

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