In the Home (Under the Microscope)

In the Home (Under the Microscope)
  • Author: Sabrina Crewe
    Publisher: Chelsea Clubhouse
    Genres: For Children
    Publish Date: May 2010
    ISBN-10: 1604138238
    Pages: 32
    File Type: PDF
    Language: English

Book Preface

A Hidden World in Your Home

Who lives in your home? You, of course, and other members of your family, and maybe you have a pet. But did you know that your home is also home to an invisible population of microscopic living things?

Billions of microorganisms

There are billions of microorganisms in your home. Microorganisms are living things that are too small to be seen without a microscope. They come in many sizes, starting with tiny and getting even tinier. Microorganisms live in your bed, in your kitchen, and even on your pets.

The biggest microorganisms are very small insects and other animals. The smaller ones—which are not animals— are often known as microbes. Some microbes are like miniature animals, while others are more like plants. Even smaller are the bacteria that are everywhere around us.

There are more bacteria on Earth than any other living things, and yet we can’t see them.

Looking closer In this book, we’ll use a microscope to take a look at the hidden life-forms in your home. We’ll also see some familiar household objects under the microscope. You will discover a whole new world in your home!

A Hidden World in Your Home 4
Dust Mites 6
Looking Closer at Dust 8
Bugs in the Bed 10
In the Bathroom 12
In the Kitchen 14
Fungi at Home 16
Close-up on Clothes 18
Pet Parasites 20
Household Mini-Monsters 22
Bigger Bugs 24
Everyday Stuff 26
Size and Scale 28
About Microscopes 28
Micro-Detective 29
Glossary 30
Explore These Web Sites 31
Index 32

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