Microbiology (Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Series) Second Edition

Microbiology (Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Series) Second Edition
  • Author: Richard A. Harvey PhD and Pamela C. Champe
    Publisher: LWW
    Genres: Biology
    Publish Date: July 28, 2006
    ISBN-10: 9780781782159
    Pages: 432
    File Type: CHM
    Language: English

Book Preface

We are grateful to the many friends and colleagues who generously contributed their time and effort to help us make this book as accurate and useful as possible. The support of our other colleagues at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey–Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is highly valued. Richard A, Harvey and Pamela C. Champe owe special thanks to Dr. Masayori Inouye, who has encouraged us over the years in this and other teaching projects.
Bruce D. Fisher offers a special thanks to his wife, Doris, who has always supported his work, and to Donald Armstrong, MD, MACP—a gifted clinician and scholar, mentor and friend.
Without talented artists, an Illustrated Review would be impossible, and we have been particularly fortunate in working with Michael Cooper throughout this project. His artistic sense and computer graphics expertise have greatly added to our ability to bring microbiology “stories” alive for our readers. We are also highly appreciative of Dr. Hae Sook Kim and Linda Duckenfield, SM/MT (ASCP), for assistance in preparing photomicrographs.
The editors and production staff of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins were a constant source of encouragement and discipline. We particularly want to acknowledge the tremendously supportive and creative contributions of our editor, Betty Sun, whose imagination and positive attitude helped us bring this complex project to completion. The design, content, editing, and assembly of the book have been greatly enhanced through the efforts of Kathleen Scogna and Jennifer Glazer.

  • File Type: CHM
  • Upload Date: January 29, 2019

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