Elementary Sewing Skills by Merchant & Mills

Elementary Sewing Skills by Merchant & Mills
  • Author: Merchant & Mills and Carolyn Denham
    Publisher: Pavilion
    Genres: Technical
    Publish Date: February 24, 2015
    ISBN-10: 1909397415
    Pages: 160
    File Type: Epub
    Language: English

Book Preface

Elementary skills are at the beginning of our endeavours. They are not comprehensive or complete, but are the foundations of learning and the first steps towards building a dependable, useful knowledge base that informs our efforts and allows us to progress. We have been ruthless in paring down the vast library of sewing information that exists and presenting you with fundamental, basic and indispensable nuggets of wisdom for you to digest and master.

Merchant & Mills believe in sewing – seriously. Yet we also believe that sewing should be fun and rewarding, not filled with fear and dread of failure, like dieting or parallel parking under pressure. This book aims to draw out ability, encourage creativity and bring you, the reader, something marvellous to show for your efforts beyond pin-pricked fingers and a carpet covered in lint.

We will guide you through the key elements of using the sewing machine, understanding garment construction, in theory and in practice, and using sewing patterns to make the clothes you want to wear. This books hopes to be your ever-ready tutor, to elaborate on troublesome methods or to offer a simple solution to a challenging task. With due application, it will enable you to grow in ability and confidence while all the time preparing you to face a more complex and thorough book on sewing.

  • File Type: Epub
  • Upload Date: August 28, 2018

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