Excel Programming with VBA Starter

Excel Programming with VBA Starter
  • Author: Robert Martin
    Publisher: Packt Publishing
    Genres: Computer Science
    Publish Date: October 18, 2012
    ISBN-10: 1849688443
    Pages: 60
    File Type: Epub, PDF
    Language: English

Book Preface

Welcome to Excel VBA Starter. This book has been especially created to provide you with all the information that you need to get up to speed with programming with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). You will learn the basics of VBA, get started with building your first VBA code, create user-defined functions to work out complex calculations, and see the tricks of the trade when it comes to using VBA with Excel.

This document contains the following sections:

So what is VBA? – find out what VBA actually is, what you can do with it, and why it’s so great.

Recording a macro, adding modules, browsing objects, and variables – learn how to record a macro, add modules, browse for objects available in your project, and finally what variables are useful for.

Quick start: VBA programming – this section will get you started on programming with VBA. Here you will learn how to perform some core tasks in VBA. Such tasks include using loops, dimensioning objects, and creating and categorizing User-defined Functions (UDFs).

Top features you need to know about – VBA gives you infinite possibilities when it comes to creating your own solutions. In this section, you will learn some key concepts such as enumeration, classes (defining properties and methods), and referencing external libraries, in particular how to manipulate files and folders.

People and places you should get to know – in this day and age, it is impossible to live without the Internet and it is here that you can find resources as well as help for your VBA woes. This section provides you with many useful links to the project page and forums, as well as a number of helpful articles, tutorials, blogs, and the Twitter feeds of VBA super-contributors.

  • File Type: Epub, PDF
  • Upload Date: September 27, 2014

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