Beginning SQL Server for Developers, 4 edition

Beginning SQL Server for Developers, 4 edition

Book Preface

Beginning SQL Server for Developers is for those people who see themselves as becoming either developers, database administrators, or a mixture of both, but have yet to tread that path with SQL Server. This edition of my book is for readers who wish to learn and develop on either the free version of SQL Server, SQL Server Express, or with either the trial or licensed versions of SQL Server.

Whether you have no knowledge of databases, or have knowledge of desktop databases such as MS Access, or even come from a server-based background such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase, then this book will provide you with the insight to get up and running with SQL Server.

Right from the start, your basic knowledge will be expanded, and you will soon be moving from being a beginner through to a competent and professional developer. It is the aim of this book to cater to a wide range of developers, from those who prefer to use the graphical interface for as much work as possible, to those who want to become more adept at using SQL Server’s programming language, T-SQL. Where practical, each method of using SQL Server is demonstrated, explained, and expanded so that you can evaluate what works best in your situation. You will also find a chapter on how to work with Excel, .NET and Java, and incorporate them with T-SQL into your programming.

There are plenty of examples within the book of every action, along with details about the security of your data. You will learn the best way to complete a task and even how to make the correct decision when there are two or more choices that can be made. And let us not forget that SQL Server can work with in-memory tables and natively compiled stored procedures.

Once you reach the end of this book, you will be able to design and create solid and reliable database solutions competently and proficiently.

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