Digital Fundamentals (11th Edition)

Digital Fundamentals (11th Edition)

Book Preface

This eleventh edition of Digital Fundamentals continues a long tradition of presenting a strong foundation in the core fundamentals of digital technology. This text provides basic concepts reinforced by plentiful illustrations, examples, exercises, and applications. Applied Logic features, Implementation features, troubleshooting sections, programmable logic and PLD programming, integrated circuit technologies, and the special topics of signal conversion and processing, data transmission, and data processing and control are included in addition to the core fundamentals. New topics and features have been added to this edition, and many other topics have been enhanced.

The approach used in Digital Fundamentals allows students to master the all-important fundamental concepts before getting into more advanced or optional topics. The range of topics provides the flexibility to accommodate a variety of program requirements. For example, some of the design-oriented or application-oriented topics may not be appropriate in some courses. Some programs may not cover programmable logic and PLD programming, while others may not have time to include data transmission or data processing. Also, some programs may not cover the details of “inside-the-chip” circuitry. These and other areas can be omitted or lightly covered without affecting the coverage of the fundamental topics. A background in transistor circuits is not a prerequisite for this textbook, and the coverage of integrated circuit technology (inside-the-chip circuits) is optionally presented.

New in This Edition
• New page layout and design for better visual appearance and ease of use
• Revised and improved topics
• Obsolete devices have been deleted.
• The Applied Logic features (formerly System Applications) have been revised and new topics added. Also, the VHDL code for PLD implementation is introduced and illustrated.
• A new boxed feature, entitled Implementation, shows how various logic functions can be implemented using fixed-function devices or by writing a VHDL program for PLD implementation.
• Boolean simpliication coverage now includes the Quine-McCluskey method and the  Espresso method is introduced.
• A discussion of Moore and Mealy state machines has been added.
• The chapter on programmable logic has been modiied and improved.
• A discussion of memory hierarchy has been added.
• A new chapter on data transmission, including an extensive coverage of standard  busses has been added.
• The chapter on computers has been completely revised and is now entitled “Data Processing and Control.”
• A more extensive coverage and use of VHDL. There is a tutorial on the website at
• More emphasis on Dlip-lops

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